Join us in the Marina at Pincher’s, in Fort Myers at 2360 West First Street.


February 10th we will have as our guest..

Cathi Chamberlain

Author of “Rules for Deplorables: A Primer for Fighting Radical Socialism”



America is a divided nation. Radicals want to transform our country to socialism and, they’ve come perilously close. Most people don’t understand the game the left plays. President Donald J. Trump does, and plays it well. That’s why leftists hate him so much. We can’t save our country unless we, too, understand the rules. Now, we can. Thirteen tactics were outlined in the 1972 blockbuster book, Rules for Radicals, by radical community organizer Saul Alinsky. They’ve been used by the left, effectively, for decades. His book is a literal blueprint on how to overwhelm our systems so the public will think the only solution is bigger government. That’s the left’s fastest route to socialism, by any means necessary. Ethics are discarded and political correctness creates the chaos needed. They are stealing elections, eroding our Constitution, and weakening the rule of law. If they succeed, we risk losing our sovereignty and freedoms for generations. Rules for Deplorables: A Primer for Fighting Radical Socialism was written by Cathi Chamberlain for Americans who want to understand the dangers our country is facing and do something to stop this lunacy. Each chapter teaches an Alinsky tactic through current events to show why it works against our president and how we can use the left, too. Armed with the knowledge contained in this book, you’ll be able to take action to help Trump beat the radicals at their own perverted game. We may never again have a president with the means, the courage, and the will to save our country from these out-of-control radicals. Good luck, America…and, May God Bless President Donald J. Trump. 


Registration Deadline for 2/10/2020 Meeting

For reservations call or text
Ashley Winstel at 602-708-8663 or email

12:00 PM


LRWF Monthly Meeting

Join us in the Marina at Pinchers in Fort Myers at 2360 West First Street. We will have Cathi Chamberlain, author of Rules for Deplorabals as our guest.

5:15 PM


Registration Deadline for 3/9/20 Meeting

For reservations call or text
Ashley Winstel at 602-708-8663 or email

12:00 PM


 LRWF Monthly Meeting

Join us in the Marina at Pinchers in Fort Myers at 2360 West First Street. Our guest. will be a  County Commission Candidate Panel.

11:15 AM



Our Club

Our amazing team of volunteers and club members
are committed to getting out the conservative vote.
We are making a difference.
We take our convictions and turn them into action.
Think you would be a good fit?
Come to our next meeting and join our club!

Our Executive Board

President: Kerri Tonkin
1st VP: Lori Fayhee
2nd VP: Amira Fox
Treasurer: Chris Wappes
Asst. Treas: Roz Lesser
Recording Sec: Ruth Rodrigues
Corresponding Sec: Marilyn Kostik

Kerri Tonkin


Kerri is from Alaska.  A lifelong Republican she got involved in politics campaigning for a state senator and from there to the GW Bush campaign and has been involved in various campaigns ever since.  She loves the grassroots of campaigning which eventually led her to LRWF as the worker-B’s of campaigns. Kerri and her husband Robert have three children and three grandchildren.  As a point of pride her oldest granddaughter is LRWF youngest member.  Her love of history led to offering to help with the Republican Museum where she is now the curator.


Lori Fayhee

1st Vice President

Lori left in 2004 a successful career with Fortune 500 medical equipment companies to raise her son Sam. Lori has been deeply involved in the Lee County School District (LCSD), contributing freely of both her time and her expertise serving on nearly all the LCSD Advisory Committees. In 2013 Lori founded TNT: Teaching Not Testing, successfully petitioning the LCSD School Board to reinstate recess for children in K-5 and negotiating with the district to reduce excessive testing.  She holds an Associate’s Degree from Illinois Central College, is a member of the SWFL Community Foundation FutureMakers Coalition, was featured in ‘NaturePlay’ Documentary and Recess: The Story of Florida, and is the 2nd VP for the Lee Republican Women’s Club.


Amira Fox

Second Vice President

Amira Fox, State Attorney for the 20th Judicial Circuit of Florida covering Lee, Collier, Charlotte, Hendry and Glades counties graduated from American University in Washington D.C. in 1987 with degrees in International Studies and Economics and received her law degree from The George Washington University in 1990. She was Assistant State Attorney with the 20th Judicial Circuit in 1990 and head of the Hendry and Glades office in 1998. She entered private practice in 2002, and formed her own practice in 2004. She became Chief Assistant State Attorney in 2012 and in 2015.  Ms. Fox was chair of the 20th Judicial Circuit Grievance Committee and completed a four year term with the 20th Circuit’s Judicial Nominating Commission, having been appointed by Governor Rick Scott in 2014. She is active in numerous community organizations. Amira’s and her husband Mike have four children.

Chris Wappes


Chris was born in Vincennes, Indiana. From early on, she campaigned for Republican candidates in her area, even wrote a campaign song for her local mayoral race which she sang on her local radio station. she earned a BA in Elementary Education at Concordia Teachers College in Illinois and an MS in Elementary Education from Indiana University.  She taught for thirty-four years in Indiana and has subbed locally for fourteen years after retirement and relocation to Florida.  Her hobby is the Civil War, and she has given talks to various clubs and schools. She enjoys the company of her two sons and three grandchildren (one on the way).

Roz Lesser

Assistant Treasurer

Roz is a Past President of the SWFL Symphony Society, volunteered for the Cape Coral Mayor’s Scholarship Fund, the Lee County AIDS Task Force, and spent 10 years restoring the Frank Alderman House.  She belongs to the Rotary Club of Cape Coral and is on its Art Festival Committee serving as a preliminary judge for the 2015 show.  She is the club and foundtion accountant, and the longest serving member of the Lee County REC,  and treasurer for three terms. She has volunteered for many local campaigns.  For the 2016 Presidential Campaign, Roz was President Trump’s Primary Election Campaign Chair and his General Election Campaign Co-Chair.  She was selected as an Alternate Delegate to the National Convention in Cleveland.


Ruth Rodriguez

Recording Secretary

Born in the same year as Walt Disney World, Ruth grew up from the strawberry fields in Plant City, Florida. She met the love of her life, Raymond, at Berry College in Georgia, and has has been married for 27 years.  Their son Rhett, at 17, continues to teach them so many of God’s greatest lessons in love.   She is an avid FGCU Eagles fan, as she has been a part of the University’s growth for 19 years in a variety of administrative roles, currently serving as the University Director of Emergency Management. She is also the Adviser for the FGCU College Republicans and the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).  She utilizes her knowledge of government and policy to make gains in protecting human life in all of its levels of development through Personhood, Florida, and assists with Republican efforts.

Marilyn Kostik

Corresponding Secretary

As a native of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania I studied liberal arts at Carnegie Mellon and finance at the University of Pittsburgh Following college I  became real estate agent, a corporate relocation director to Westinghouse Corporation, a licensed mortgage broker and owner/president of a mortgage company specializing in Veterans Home Ownership. I assumed leadership roles in the Mortgage Bankers Association, South Side Chamber of Commerce Vice-President, saved a steam bridge, that now serves as a connection from South Side to a major arteries into downtown Oittsburgh, I was Secretary of a Pennsylvania State sponsored non-profit for 10 years and Treasure of my local Allegheny county finance and development commission for 20 years..


(Contact us if you want to be on a committee)

  • AMERICANISM – Germain Hyatt
  • BOOK CHAT– Cheryl Harris
  • CARING FOR AMERICA – Ashley Winstel
  • FUNDRAISING – Lori Fayhee
  • NEWSLETTER – Mary Snyder
  • PUBLICITY – Gail Langner
  • RESERVATIONS – Wren Morefield/Mary Ann Hansen
  • SOCIAL MEDIA – Mary Snyder
  • LEGISLATIVE – Lori Fayhee
  • OUTREACH CHAIR – Mary Snyder
  • MUSEUM – Kerri Tonkin/Mary Snyder
  • RESERVATIONS – Ashley Winstel/Mary Ann Hansen​


  • CHAPLAIN – Terri Lee/Doris Cortese
  • PHOTOGRAPHER – John Fernandez

Our Mission Statement

Lee Republican Women Federated commits to advancing the participation of local Republican women in all areas of the political system by encouraging, educating and empowering women to strengthen the Republican Party. LRWF encourages women to influence critical local, state and national issues. LRWF educates the members on the political process and current local, state and national issues. LRWF empowers women to assist the GOP in electing qualified Republicans to office, and promote Republican initiatives on a local, state and national level.LRWF understands that it is our responsibility to hold government responsible on every level…and LRWF is ready for that challenge.


Lee Republican Women Federated (LRWF) was chartered in 1986 by the Florida Federation of Republican Women. Our founders were eleven strong women with a vision for Republican women in Lee County, the State and the Country. Our members, now better than 150 strong, have worked tirelessly to elect Republicans in every election.

Through our Book Chats, speakers, Legislation, Republican Museum, Outreach, and Caring for America projects we have educated ourselves, promoted Republican values and given to those less fortunate. Along with Lee County Bikers, we have gone to the airport to welcome home our returning military heroes.

As part of the FFRW, we are also affiliated with the National Federation Republican Women, a grassroots organization of more than 100,000 women throughout the country that support Republican candidates and issues at all levels of government. Our members have served as officers and committee members on both the FFRW board and the NFRW board.

LRWF members are a powerful network of ladies who are counted on to produce results in elections. We  re successful in giving our membership an unparalleled education on the political process and current issues. We work for both primary and general elections, man Republican headquarters, host voter registration drives and candidate forums, walk door to door and make thousands of phone calls.

Our founding Mothers had a vision and we thank them for their foresight and guidance. Lee Republican Women Federated has proven to be a home for conservative leaders. And one of the special side effects is that we have also made lasting friendships with people we would never have had the opportunity to meet if we hadn’t joined LRWF.

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